Highlights of the 2015 Sale:

2018 Sale Report

41 lots averaged $3,097.56

  Total Sales:                                                              $ 127,000
   Average:                                              41 lots @ $3,097.56
  Expenses:                                                              $ 28,217.04
 Less Sales Expense Fees, Raffle, etc.​:          $ 1,365
      TOTAL SALES EXPENSES:                                 $ 15,052.04                                                                                                (11.85%)​​

Marketing Group

East Texas/Louisiana


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Highlights of the 2018 Sale:

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Sale held each year on the third Saturday of April, in Crockett, TX

The following requirements must be met for all cattle consigned to the annual sale:

  1. Must be purebred Beefmaster
  2. Must qualify with a minimum grading of 2 confirmation and 3 underline
  3. Must have health papers meeting BBU requirements
  4. Strongly recommended cattle be clean and clipped in neck and head area
  5. Consignor must be a member of East Texas/Louisiana Beefmaster Marketing Group
  6. Must pass pre-sale screening to ensure quality

To consign cattle or for more information, contact:

Anthony Mihalski

Sales Management